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Orders are usually mailed  within 2 business days via United States Postal Service.  

Shipping instructions

Be sure your mailing address is complete; include name of company or organization, box or suite number where appropriate.  If an order is returned by the US Postal Service due to an incomplete or incorrect address, the customer will be responsible for the additional shipping charges. 

Member Discount

AYHC members receive a 10% discount on publication orders. You will receive an email confirmation of your membership with a link to download the discount code immediately after completing your membership purchase (AYHC memberships available here)

Horse Smarts Edits

Edits to the Horse Smarts publication are made on an ongoing basis. See a complete list of edits including typos and changes to activity instructions. Many of these edits may have already been corrected in your copy depending on your date of purchase.

Horse Smarts index

Initial copies of the publication did not yet include the index. The index was completed in the fall of 2018 and has since been added to the publication.  If your copy does not include the index, you may download the index as a pdf 

Sales Tax

The Horse Industry Handbook and Horse Smarts publications are shipped from a distribution center in Wisconsin therefore, sales tax will be charged on orders in the state of Wisconsin.  If you are ordering on behalf of a tax exempt organization, please call AYHC at 817.320.2005 instead of ordering online. 

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