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ALL content from the "updates" are already included in this 9th edition, including: 2021, 2014, 2011, 2007, 2004, 2003


The Horse Industry Handbook is an encyclopedic volume with contributions by over 200 national experts. Topics addressed in this book include Horse Ownership, Selection and Use, Facilities and Waste Management, Equine Health Management, Horse Foot Care, Equine Diseases, Nutrition and Feeding Management, Exercise Physiology, Reproduction, Using Genetics in Breeding, Tack & Equipment, Training, and Horse Business Management. The Horse Industry Handbook is a popular reference for Horse Bowl, Hippology, and knowledge based equine contests at many levels. A useful addition to any horseman’s library, this book has over 800 pages of peer-reviewed articles. It provides practical and applicable information on caring for your horse.  


A three-ring binder is included

ISBN# 978-0-578-84958-4


Horse Industry Handbook - 9th edition

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