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Social License to Operate in the Horse Industry: What is it… and how do we keep it.

DESCRIPTION: Concerns about horse welfare, and how the horse industry manages these concerns are a threat to Social License to Operate (SLO), which could have far-reaching effects on the horse industry. It is critical that young people in the industry understand that everyone’s daily interactions with horses matter.  In this workshop, we will discuss SLO and present an online program for horse owners to learn how to interpret horse welfare with special consideration to the mental (affective) state. Many resources are available to assess physical aspects of horse welfare, but few exist focused on the affective state. This workshop will discuss the importance assessment of the affective state to maintain SLO and how everyone plays a role.

SPEAKER: Amber Wells, Oklahoma State University


Digital Gallop: Integrating AI into Equine Management and Agriculture

This workshop is a forward-looking presentation which will explore the transformative impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the equine sector and broader agricultural practices. This session will illuminate how AI can revolutionize, enhance, and optimize everyday endeavors. By highlighting real-world applications and success stories, the presentation will showcase the immense potential of AI as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency in the horse industry and agriculture.

SPEAKER: Dr. Chelsie J. Huseman, Texas A&M University


Let's Go Racing: A Call to Post For Potential Riders & Drivers!

Learning how to get involved in racing as a youth can be challenging, so Amplify Horse Racing from the Thoroughbred industry and the Harness Horse Youth Foundation (HHYF) from Standardbred racing are working together to make the process easier. HHYF will provide the latest information regarding its successful hands-on summer programs, and highlight plans for additional resource development related to Standardbreds. Amplify will then present on its Thoroughbred mentorship program, measures taken to ensure successful matches, and how youth can apply. The bugle has sounded, so we're off to the races!

SPEAKERS: Annise Montplasir, Amplify Horse Racing and Ellen Taylor, Harness Horse Youth Foundation


Let's Kick into Innovation!

In this workshop you will be empowered with the tools to innovate by using the Impact Collaborative ‘kick box’ method for innovation and problem solving.  These tools are impactful for attacking problems and making them opportunities. The problem we will use for the workshop is: We know from the work of the American Horse Council that roughly 1 of every 3 US households has a horse enthusiast – yet only a small percentage of those are directly involved with horses. Let’s kick that problem around and see what kind of innovative opportunities can surface. At the same time, you’ll learn powerful problem solving and innovation tools to take home and use in your groups and communities.   


SPEAKER: Dr. Karin Bump, Saddle Up NY


Learn What You Love: Taking Education Beyond the Barn with AQHLearn!

Dive into the online library, hosting nearly 40 courses – and counting! – covering a variety of topics from equine health to AQHA-approved show classes, to properly fitting a helmet. Free to AQHA and AQHYA members, AQHLearn allows equine enthusiasts to grow their skills and test their knowledge through engaging and interactive resources.  Join us to step through the AQHLearn platform, incorporation into curriculum, the diverse variety of courses, and how to take advantage of the best deal in town!


SPEAKER: Helen Hardy, American Quarter Horse Association


Diving into the Data: The American Horse Council 2023 National Economic Survey

Over the course of its 50-plus year history, the American Horse Council has conducted numerous national economic impact studies for the U.S. horse industry, which has included such pivotal years as 1987, 1997, 2007, 2017 and, the most recent study, 2023.The challenges of the last few years with the pandemic and its economic impacts on all aspects of our industry make the 2023 study all that more important and necessary.


Data collected will inform public and private investments in equine-related businesses, equine health care, education, land use decisions, tax policy, tourism, employment incentives, etc.


During this presentation, Ms. Broadway will share highlights from the recent study and outline how legislative and regulatory issues at federal, state and local levels drive inputs and outputs that affect the economy of the horse industry.

SPEAKER: Julie Broadway, American Horse Council


Creating a FUN Show Community

No matter where you are from or what discipline you focus on, participating in “the show” is something we all love! Sometimes it’s hard to keep it all in perspective and the competition gets the best of us. This workshop will focus on creating a fun and inclusive environment for everyone, and making those sweet memories that last a lifetime!

SPEAKER: Utah State 4-H Horse Ambassadors


Equine Careers & Colleges – Embarking on the Education Trek!

The term ‘trek’ means a long arduous journey… and thinking about college and career options and opportunities -while exciting- can really feel like a trek.  In this workshop you will learn how to make the trek less overwhelming, begin to pack your ‘toolbox’ with ideas for a successful journey, and better understand how to navigate the journey.


SPEAKER: Dr. Karin Bump


Finding the Trail Forward: Strategic Intake, Rehabilitation, and Rehoming for At-Risk Horses

Play the “game of life” for an equine shelter or rescue, using your team’s resources, horsemanship and sound decision-making skills to help as many at-risk horses as possible. This interactive workshop simulates the opportunities and challenges that equine rehoming organizations face, giving participants a hands-on perspective on the process, expertise, and teamwork necessary to thoughtfully provide humane yet practical solutions for horses in need – and stay in business. Along the way, learn how ASPCA Right Horse Partners are changing the landscape for horses in transition, how youth can make a difference, and about potential careers in the equine welfare segment.


SPEAKER: Christie Schulte Kappert


Humane Society of North Texas - Equine and Livestock Facility

The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) was founded in 1905 and is the oldest animal welfare organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. While the organization’s name has evolved from the Fort Worth Humane Society in 1905, to the Tarrant County Humane Society in 1910, to the Humane Society of North Texas in 1982, its focus has always been on caring for animals in need.  This on site tour will walk participants through the process of acquiring a horse, rehabilitation, adoption process and business management at HSNT's equine and livestock ranch.

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