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Interested in serving on a committee?  Submit your information via the committee form

The American Youth Horse Council is blessed with talented motivated volunteers who believe in the organization’s mission and devote their precious time and energy to this cause. We accomplish most of the organization’s work through committees or task-forces. To facilitate the committee / task force process the AYHC President appoints chairs (Chair) from the board members and asks all board member to serve on at least one committee.  The make-up of each committee beyond the assignment of Board Members is left to the discretion of each Chair. AYHC members who have specifically expressed interest in participating in a committee or taskforce will be contacted to explain the expectations for service on the specific committee and find out more about the individuals knowledge and experience that might contribute to the committee.

Board of Directors



AYHC Board elections will take place 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The nominating committee will prepare a slate to present to the membership.



The following are the duties and responsibilities that AYHC Board members will be required to perform:


Board Member Purpose:

To ensure that the American Youth Horse Council meets the corporation’s responsibilities and addresses specific youth horse industry needs.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Become acquainted with the Bylaws, Mission, and Strategic Plan of AYHC. All decisions should be made in keeping with these documents.

  2. Implement policies and procedures contained in the bylaws and monitor the policies of the Board of Directors.

  3. Develop and evaluate strategic plans and financial and human resources (both paid and volunteer staff) to meet the needs of the American Youth Horse Council.

  4. Contribute time and resources to the promotion of the American Youth Horse Council, including the promotion of membership and fundraising activities.

  5. Approve and monitor the annual budget.

  6. Ensure effective public relations for the American Youth Horse Council.

  7. Contribute to the monitoring of the needs of the horse industry for potential needs or concerns that the Horse Council might address.

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