Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to register for the entire symposium or can I just participate in the tours or set up a booth in the trade show?

You are not required to attend the full symposium. If you'd like to register for a tour only or booth space only, go to the online registration form, select one of the tours or a trade show booth then proceed to the next page to provide your contact information and payment.

Can I attend more than one tour?

No. We usually offer a couple of tour options which will occur simultaneously so it is not possible to participate in multiple tours hosted by AYHC.

Can I pay by check?

Yes! Complete the online registration form and once you get to the payment screen, select "offline payment" then mail your payment to AYHC, 1 Gainer Rd, McDonald NM 88262.

Can I register a group of people but still submit one payment?

If registering for a group, select the number of registrations needed, then complete a registration by filling in each individual's information and selections, proceed to the checkout when all participants information has been entered. You may pay by credit card OR submit one check for the total amount (see question above).

I (or my child) am not yet 14 years old, I see all of the information says youth ages 14-18. Can I still participate if I'm not 14 years old?

No. Our educational programs are designed for youth who serve in a leadership or mentoring role plus adults who work or volunteer in the equine industry. While we recognize that youth of all ages are eager to learn about horses, we have found that youth ages 14-18 are better able to utilize the information presented to increase their leadership and mentoring skills.

I'm not a member of AYHC, can I still participate?

Yes, of course. While we encourage you to join AYHC and take advantage of the member registration discount, membership is not required to participate in the AYHC Symposium.