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  • Who is the American Youth Horse Council for?
    Our members represent people who are interested in having youth have the opportunity to connect with horses; this may mean a professional riding instructor, a breed association, a university with equine education programs, a manufacturer of equine products, a volunteer horse club leader, or a youth that is involved in riding or caring for horses. The American Youth Horse Council (AYHC) is an umbrella organization providing leadership and resources for the youth horse industry.
  • What does AYHC do?
    We develop resources and provide networking opportunities to give people who work with kids and horses tools to learn and teach best management practices for the care and management of horses. We offer fun and creative ways to present this material to youth.
  • How does AYHC accomplish their mission?
    The American Youth Horse Council is primarily a volunteer organization whose members work on projects through committees to develop books and manuals about proven safe and effective techniques to teach horse care. AYHC members receive email updates on ideas and activities for working with kids and horses. AYHC members are eligible to apply for grants that support training programs for youth horse leaders. AYHC members are eligible to nominate outstanding leaders for recognition in the organization as Youth Horse Leader of the Year. AYHC members meet each year in locations around the country at a weekend event we call the Symposium to learn new skills and celebrate the benefits of kids connecting through horses.
  • Why become a member of AYHC?
    Your participation as a member of AYHC gives you access to great ideas and people who are both hands on helping kids with horses and behind the scenes organizing grand efforts to ensure kids continue to have access to activities with horses. A diverse group of youth organizations, breed and discipline groups come together at AYHC and share their knowledge and youth program ideas. Individuals or groups starting youth programs, and camps can gain valuable information for their programs to help keep the equine activities safe and fun for kids.
  • How do I join?
    We have different categories of membership that range from individual memberships to group or life memberships. You can join online or by calling the AYHC office at (817) 320-2005.
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