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About Us

First established in the 1970s, the American Youth Horse Council was founded by breed organizations and specialists to provide support to all youth and youth leaders throughout the equine industry. Today the AYHC is leading the charge to unite kids and horses, across breeds and disciplines, through a variety of means and opportunities.


The AYHC is a national information center, working to promote communication between all breeds and disciplines. The organization promotes equine education through the development and distribution of quality educational materials such as the Horse Industry Handbook, and by providing ongoing training opportunities to youth leaders and people looking to teach kids of all ages about the wonder of horses. Additionally, the AYHC seeks to be a representative voice that brings together all facets of the equine industry with a common goal of uniting kids and horses.

Kids + Horses  = Magic

Our Mission Statement

To provide leadership and resources that will serve and promote youth and the equine industry.

Our Goals

  • Provide opportunities for networking and cooperation among adult and youth leaders in the equine industry

  • Grow and engage our membership

  • Validate the measureable impact of equine experiences on youth

  • Compile, develop and distribute high-quality educational resources

  • Become a more visible presence in the equine community and increase public awareness

  • Maintain and improve our financial stability


Our Efforts

  • Production of educational materials including: Horse Industry Handbook, Youth Leaders’  Manual, Safety Manual and Careers Brochure

  • Research and qualify the impact of equine experiences on youth

  • Host annual symposium – a unique, three-day event facilitating education and shared experiences

  • Grant funding for annual youth and youth leader programs


Our Funding

The AYHC is funded through the sale of its publications, membership, sponsorship and generous donor contributions. We are grateful for the support of our membership. Donations to AYHC, a 501c3 organization, are welcomed and accepted. These gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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