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Symposium History

The first annual symposium was held January 22 and 23, 1977 at the University of Missouri Livestock Center.  According to history files, about 1,500 people participated with the majority of those being youth.  The 2nd event was again held at the University of Missouri Livestock Center. Mark Russell, Ray Antoniewicz and Nancy Kissell gave presentations.  The third symposium was held at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY but was not well attended due to "atrocious" weather.  Since then the symposium has moved to various locations throughout the country to highlight the diversity of the equine industry and share the AYHC educational program with a broad audience.

* We are missing location information for a few years. If you know where the symposium was held in 1998, 1994-1992, 1986 or 1984-1980, please send us the locations. 

2024  Fort Worth, TX

2023  Fort Worth, TX

2022  Murfreesboro, TN

2021  Virtual

2020  Gainesville, FL

2019  Palouse Region - Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID

2018  Oklahoma City, OK

2017  Wakefield, MA

2016  Lexington, KY

2015  Bend, OR

2014  Minneapolis, MN

2013  South Windsor, CT

2012  Herndon, VA

2011  Lansing, MI

2010  Lexington, KY

2009  Lincoln, NE

2008  Raleigh, NC

2007  Denver, CO

2006  Gainesville, FL

2005  State College, PA

2004  Ft Worth, TX

2003  St Louis, MO

2002  Rock Hill, SC

2001  Colorado Springs, CO

2000  Lexington, KY

1999  Ft Mill, SC

1997  Lincoln, NE

1996  Tampa, FL

1995  Lexington, KY

1991  Pomona, CA

1990  Madison, WI

1989  East Rutherford, NJ

1988  Colorado (city unknown)

1987  Charlottesville, VA

1985  Indianapolis, IN

1979  Ithaca, NY

1978  Columbia, MO

1977  Columbia, MO  1st Annual Symposium 

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