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Formerly known as the Youth Leader Manual, this NEW, expanded publication has 70 chapters, new activities and more than 700 photos or illustrations.  1,342 total pages.  The 2021 update is already included in this publication. 


Do you love horses? Young or old, preparing for an equine contest or just crazy about horses, Horse Smarts: An Equine Reference and Youth Activity Guide is a must have resource. Horse Smarts includes 70 different equine topics organized into six general categories.

  • Selection & Use -  an overview of a wide variety of breeds including draft horses,  ponies and horses found around the world plus disciplines such as foxhunting, vaulting and rodeo. 
  • Management -topics include safety, trailering and best management practices, as well as trimming and shoeing.
  • Health & Disease - includes information on health, parasites and equine diseases.This category also includes extensive chapters on equine emergencies and common hoof problems.
  • Nutrition - includes details about basic nutrition including pasture management and toxic plants.
  • Reproduction & Genetics - includes chapters on both stallion and mare reproduction, and color genetics.
  • Leadership & Youth Development - topics range from ethics, good sportsmanship and show ring etiquette to developing public speaking and critical thinking skills.


Each topic has hands-on and thought-provoking creative youth activities that make learning fun.  These activities include a variety of games, puzzles and interactive learning venues and include topic specific activities such as learning basic vaulting positions.  Horse Smarts: An Equine Reference and Youth Activity Guide is a resource that will help you develop your “horse smarts” and learn more about the amazing equine.

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