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Novice Video AYHC 1 9/6/15

Alina and Brooksie demonstrate the basics of a video show entry

Have you ever wished you could show with people from all over the country. Now you can!!! The AYHC has made it possible to compete without the time and expense of traveling. Now you can present your horse in your own arena or even in your back yard. 


All you will need to enter in a show is a current AYHC membership, a horse, and a smartphone. Set up a place to present according to our specs in a well lit, level area. Have a friend video as you complete the event. Next upload your video and share it to the world. One of our judges will view all of the videos and assign placings. 


There will be prizes awarded to top placings in each event or category.  You must submit your video by the show deadline. 


Some of our shows are sponsored by partner organizations who provide judges and prizes. Sponsored shows may require special setup of your arena, riding space, or tack to fit the criteria of the sponsoring organization. 


Happy Showing! We will see you ON THE SCREEN!


Upcoming Events and Shows

Inagural Show   (SHOWMANSHIP)

This is the first AYHC Connect event. This will be a fun halter show where participants will be judged on their ability to show their horse in hand. 


Show Sponsor

American Youth Horse Council

Class Designation

Beginner - Youth under 10.

Novice - Youth 18 or under or participants who have never entered a connect show.

Open - All participants who don't fit into beginner or novice.

Show Dates

December 1 - 31, 2015

All entries must be uploaded and submitted to the show judge by midnight on December 31. You must have a show number that is clearly visible to the camera at the start of your show.  After you purchase an event "ticket", you will receive your show number by email.

Show Judge 

Holly Spooner, AQHA Novice Judge

Award Information

Winning contestant in each class will have his/her show published on the website

Top 3 contestants in each class will be awarded  prizes



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