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OTTB United App Available for Download, Unites Thoroughbred Buyers & Sellers

The Retired Racehorse Project and OTTB United jointly announce today the release of OTTB United, a mobile app that unites sellers, buyers, and shippers of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses and gives back to the Thoroughbred placement community. The app is designed to make the entire process, from listing a horse, to communicating between buyer and seller, to organizing shipping to a horse’s new home, as easy as a few taps of a button.

The app is also designed to give back to the Thoroughbred placement community: a portion of the premium subscription fee is donated to the Retired Racehorse Project, which takes a market-based approach to Thoroughbred aftercare to drive demand for ex-racehorses; subscribers can select from a list of aftercare organizations and for-profit resellers to receive an additional contribution.

“We are so fortunate to partner with the Retired Racehorse Project,” says OTTB United founder Amy Rubin. “The organization’s mission is at the center of everything we want to achieve, and helping off-the-track Thoroughbreds is our number-one goal. The Retired Racehorse Project has strengthened the Thoroughbred community, and it’s our hope that the OTTB United app produced in partnership will unite that community on one platform.”

OTTB United was designed to meet the specific needs of the Thoroughbred industry and creates a network to help more ex-racehorses find good homes. Uniting sellers, buyers, and shippers on a mobile platform greatly simplifies the entire process from start to finish, and helps both buyers and sellers navigate changing rules on social media that prohibit animal sales.

“The RRP works to increase the market for Thoroughbreds after racing in the equestrian world and we are always seeking out new ways to make that process easier and more successful,” says RRP executive director Jen Roytz. “We understand and respect the reasons for social media sites to place animal sales posts under increased scrutiny and it has surely gone a long way to prevent unwanted animals to end up in the wrong hands. It has also, however, compromised the efforts of many upstanding and responsible Thoroughbred placement organizations who depend on the platforms to market their available horses to reputable homes. Through our partnership with OTTB United, we are able to offer a potential solution.”

OTTB United is free to download from Google Play and the App Store. A premium subscription is $4.99 monthly. The app is available in the US and Canada.


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