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New HHYF Activity Boxes Available

Anderson, IN - Nothing replaces braiding a foretop or jogging a horse on the track – we know that!

However, in an effort to still provide education and a whole lot of fun, HHYF will be offering “Activity Boxes” this summer – four boxes in total, each with its own theme, for May, June, July, and August.

The Activity Boxes are stuffed full of games and projects which intertwine harness racing and general horse information with art, math, science, history, social science, language arts and even some vocabulary words.

“For many years, HHYF has stockpiled unique methods of teaching about harness racing which we usually incorporate in some way during our hands-on programs. With those programs cancelled for 2020, we have quickly adapted many of them into units similar to school subjects for individual learning. We feel confident that families and even small groups like 4-H will find value in the information until our interactive programs can be back on the road,” explained HHYF Executive Director Ellen Taylor.

The content is geared toward ages 10 - 13, but older teens will find the material entertaining as well. Because of the build-on-your-knowledge design, purchasers are encouraged to consider ordering all four boxes at once with a discount offered for doing so. “HHYF understands that many families are struggling right now so we have kept our production costs as low as possible in order to keep the boxes affordable too” added Taylor.

To order, visit or call 317.908.0029 for additional information. Boxes may be ordered now through September 15.

The Harness Horse Youth Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing young people and their families educational opportunities with harness horses in order to foster the next generation of participants and fans. The Foundation has been making a difference in young people's lives since 1976; its programs include interactive learning experiences with racehorses as well as offering scholarships and creating and distributing educational materials relating to harness racing.


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