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Julie Goodnight Releases New Short Course: Building Confidence with Horses

Julie Goodnight is excited to announce the newest addition to her Goodnight Academy, the Building Confidence with Horses Short Course, available now at

In addition to her Interactive Academy curriculum (, Goodnight is rolling out these power-packed short courses, designed to help riders reach their horsemanship goals without being overwhelmed. The short courses are focused on singular topics that riders want to hear about most. They include the study resources you need, exercises to do with your horse and worksheets to complete before receiving a digital certificate.

“Riding is a complicated sport that takes years and decades to master,” Goodnight says. “But for the most part, it helps to focus on certain skills at the time it is most important for you to learn it. If you’re having problems at the canter, you want to focus on that subject, not take an entire A to Z course on horsemanship. Address the needs you have, when you need them. That’s why my short courses offer intensive learning and valuable solutions, on a singular topic.”

The first short course of this series to roll out is Build Your Confidence with Horses, a complete course of self-study that helps the rider intellectualize their emotions, understand the effects of fear, know what they can do to counteract the emotion, and develop a concrete plan to overcome fear and gain confidence.

“It’s tragic when a lack of confidence keeps you from doing something you love,” Goodnight says. “Horse sports are particularly challenging since it’s a rough and tumble sport, and because horses can respond negatively to your lack of confidence. This short course on building confidence will help riders of all ages and ability levels take control of their emotions and develop a plan to overcome fear.”

Build Your Confidence with Horses includes all the study resources you will need, including videos, audios and other exclusive study materials. You’ll do exercises to improve your confidence in the saddle and on the ground; have assignments and worksheets to complete.

To learn more about Building Your Confidence with Horses and see when new short courses are added, visit


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