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AYHC Grant Program Applications Now Open

Do you know a horse program that is changing the lives of youth through exemplary leadership? Could they benefit from additional grant funding? Encourage them to apply for the AYHC Grant Program!

The AYHC Grant Program aims to assist youth horse programs across the country by providing financial assistance to be used for training volunteers and educational activities. 

Application Requirements: 

-All applicants must be AYHC members (you can submit for membership at the time of application)

-Evidence that the program is related to development, promotion, and management of leader training events or impacting youth in a meaningful way

-Demonstrate that the ultimate goal is the educate youth through the development of teen or adult leaders 

-Demonstrate support, collaboration, partnerships, and links with other entities. 


The AYHC does not typically make grants for the following purposes, therefore requests to fund the following purposes are likely to be denied: Political campaigns or entities designed primarily for lobbying, religious activities, activities that jeopardize the AYHC’s tax-exempt status, indirect costs, construction projects, awards or purposes outside the funding priorities as listed above.

Applications are open until October 15. Please visit for more information or go to to apply. 


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