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AQHA Launches “Behind the Clipboard”

The educational judging video series, debuting with ranch trail, is available on demand for exhibitors, trainers and competitive judges alike.

The American Quarter Horse Association Judges Program introduces “Behind the Clipboard,” a series of lessons covering how popular AQHA classes are judged. The first course available through the AQHA online learning platform, AQH University, is ranch trail.

“With ‘Behind the Clipboard,’ you are able to watch and learn from the experts in the comfort of your home or review as you’re heading down the road to the next show,” said Patti Carter, AQHA director of judges. “The exhibitor-focused content gives you tools to learn how AQHA judges score and evaluate your classes.” The content was developed for all levels of exhibitors, trainers, parents or guardians and competitive judges. Lessons are interactive, allowing enrollees to first learn from AQHA judges how classes are evaluated. Course enrollees then actively score runs. Industry experts discuss how to excel in the class, and diagrams illustrate common tack and gear used for the event.

The ranch trail course is available for $19.95. Visit to enroll.

More “Behind the Clipboard” courses are in development. Stay tuned to AQH University for their release.


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