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Amplify Horse Racing Launches Mentorship Program

LEXINGTON, KY (June 07, 2021) – Amplify Horse Racing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to amplify education and careers in the Thoroughbred industry, has launched a mentorship program aimed at pairing young adults with Thoroughbred industry professionals.

The objectives of the program are to improve accessibility into the Thoroughbred industry, and develop understanding of what it is like to work in the sport by leveraging the passion, knowledge and experience of current industry professionals.

The initial pilot program will facilitate 10 mentor-mentee pairings through two mentorship approaches:

In-Person: Five mentees based in Kentucky will be selected and paired with mentors who work in the state. This pilot will focus on in-person meetings and engagement.

Virtual: Five mentees will be selected from anywhere in the U.S. and paired with suitable mentors. These pairs will meet virtually, removing geographic or transportation barriers that could limit interested young adults from connecting with the Thoroughbred industry.

The Amplify Horse Racing Mentorship Program is open to individuals aged 18-22, who demonstrate a desire to learn and a strong interest in working in the Thoroughbred industry. There are no restrictions based on academic achievement or Thoroughbred industry experience.

The initial mentorship program, which Amplify Horse Racing is using as a pilot, will take place from August through October 2021. Upon completion of the program, feedback will be gathered from participants to assess the viability of offering the program multiple times annually and including youth mentees.

“Ever since Amplify Horse Racing started in 2019, the goal of its founders and early supporters has been to offer a mentorship program,” says Annise Montplaisir, president of Amplify Horse Racing and equine education coordinator for the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP). “Getting involved in the Thoroughbred industry can feel like a winding path without a clear first step. Throughout Amplify’s growth and assessment of how best to recruit newcomers, it has become evident that mentorship has had an important role in getting many young professionals and industry leaders involved in the sport. We hope that through the creation of a formal program, we can make that process easier for others.”

Mentorship program applications are available at For more information or to learn how you can become a mentor, contact Annise Montplaisir at


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