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2021 HHYF Activity Boxes Now Available

The first in the 2021 series of Harness Horse Youth Foundation Activity Boxes is ready for distribution. These boxes, similar to other subscription-type boxes, provide educational and fun activities of all kinds for young people to learn about various aspects of harness racing in non-traditional ways.

“The content is loosely based on regular school subjects like math, science, language arts, history and art” explains Executive Director Ellen Taylor. “Our team is exceptionally creative when it comes to engaging the younger audience. In each box, we have included at least one ‘make it yourself’ project along with a variety of games and puzzles.”

“Our target age group for our hands-on programs is 12 and up so that is where we have focused our energy in box development. Each box has a theme with specifically designed elements related to an aspect of the industry - Standardbred Essentials, Farm Life, At The Racetrack, and Harness Racing Careers Exploration. We encourage the purchase of the entire series both because the information among boxes is interrelated and because there is a bit of a savings too.”

We’re off to the winners circle - Standardbred Essentials (Box 1) is available now. The second box will be available in May, the third in July, and the fourth in September.

The fifth box Oh, what a wonderful world - Fun With Standardbreds, is especially designed for early-reading horse enthusiasts and consists of very simple activities for those under the age of 11. It is also now available.

For more information about how to order the activity boxes, click here

About HHYF: The Harness Horse Youth Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing young people and their families educational opportunities with harness horses in order to foster the next generation of participants and fans. The Foundation has been making a difference in young people's lives since 1976; its programs include interactive learning experiences with racehorses as well as offering scholarships and creating and distributing educational materials relating to harness racing.


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