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Get Your Complimentary copy of Arabian Horse Life

Thank you for being a valued member of the American Youth Horse Council.  As part of your member benefits, we would like to send you a complimentary copy of the Arabian Horse Life magazine (courtesy of the Arabian Horse Association). 

AHL magazine will include stories, infographics, editorial and features about:


  • People who express their love for the breed in big and small ways

  • Feature products utilized in AHA member barns and facilities

  • Training tips for hands-on amateurs

  • Profiles of significant individuals that moved the breed forward

  • Horses that inspire us and you

  • Highlights from AHA National Shows and Rides

  • AHA programs that reward and recognize your member involvement

  • Highlights of AHA and open events that show off the diversity of the Arabian breed

  • Stories of romantic and fascinating history of the Arabian breed


...and much more! 

Add your contact information below to receive your complimentary copy of the Arabian Horse Life magazine.  It'll help you learn more about the amazing Arabian Horse and AHA resources you can share with youth in your program. 

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