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Get to know our AYHC Members

The member spotlight is an opportunity to recognize the many knowledgeable, caring individuals and organizations who play a vital role in the future of the equine industry. We appreciate the efforts of AYHC members who "connect kids through horses" on a daily basis.

Jo Gelinas

How did you become involved with youth horse activities?
When I was 8 yrs. my brother had a pony and was not thrilled to take care of stalls, so I took over his horse project.


Why are you a member of the American Youth Horse Council?

Because I like the symposium and nice to connect with different people with similar interests.  Fun to see how every state conduct horse industry activities. 


What is your area of focus or specialty?

Horsemanship, safety and sportsmanship.  Being well rounded and all areas are important.  Safety is especially important.  Teaching youth to be a good role model. Currently coach and advise high school equestrian team.


What is your inspiration for working with the youth horse industry?
Always been involved with youth, I worked in a pre-school, now in high school and like this age group's attitudes, they get excited about things. I run a summer camp for about 10 weeks and use miniature horses currently at horse camp.


What is your vision of your involvement in the youth horse industry 10 years from now?

Hard question to answer, still volunteering and helping out. Working with special education youth currently, learning life skills working at the horse barn.


What is your favorite resource or teaching tool that you use?

Iowa State – Targeting Life Skills Model - 4-H Wheel with head, heart, health and hands.  Different categories in each part.  Use it in lot of areas.  Even use in high school. Always reflect back to this wheel. 

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