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The Arabian Horse Youth Association has been selected for the US Equestrian Youth Sportsman’s Award

The Arabian Horse Youth Association (AHYA) of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) is proud to announce that U.S. Equestrian has awarded them a Youth Sportsman’s Award Recognized Affiliate Grant.

This grant will be instrumental in supporting the Youth Judging and Hippology Contest program. These contests help promote the Arabian horse and build leadership and communication skills within the youth of our industry.

With the help of these grant funds, AHA will be hosting an introduction to Arabian Horse Judging webinar. The webinar will have an emphasis on helping coaches gain more knowledge on how judging Arabian horses is different from stock horse breeds. AHA will also be hosting a pre-contest to help prepare teams for judging at the National Contests in October. The Arabian Hippology and Judging contest will be taking place in Tulsa, OK, October 27-29. For more information about the contests please visit

For the past several years, AHYA has nominated one their outstanding members for the U.S. Equestrian Youth Sportsman’s Award. This award is focused on developing leaders within the industry and recognizes youth members who participate in the equestrian community. In 2022, AHYA nominated Sophia Huffman, an accomplished rider and a strong supporter of judging teams and contests, for the award.

U.S. Equestrian is the governing body of AHYA. As such, they are an active supporter of youth initiatives and have sponsored the AHYA convention for many years. They also encourage youth to participate in the governance of AHYA and its activities which support the growth of youth involvement in the Arabian horse breed.

AHYA would like to thank US Equestrian for their grant and support of Arabian horse youth!

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